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Automotive Painting Technology

  Automotive Painting Technology

  Painting refers to the application of a specially designed layer of paint on automotive sheet metal parts, which plays a role in protecting metals and decorating aesthetics. The coating process is relatively complex and requires high environmental requirements. It mainly includes the following processes: pre painting preparation and primer, painting process, drying process, etc. The entire process requires a certain amount of chemical reagent settings and delicate process parameter restrictions, and the requirements for paint and various processing and development are high. The painting process is generally confidential information of various companies.

  For the painting of car bodies, it is necessary to drive in various weather conditions for a long time without causing paint film, deterioration, and rust, and to maintain their luster, color, and appearance. The general painting process for car body is electrophoretic primer, intermediate coating, and topcoat. If there is a weld between the electrophoretic primer and the intermediate coating, it is necessary to spray the sealing and bottom plate protective coating to ensure the sealing, noise reduction, and rust prevention of the vehicle body.