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Automotive welding process

  Automotive welding process

  The sheet metal parts formed by stamping are welded to form a white body. In fact, the entire body structure is welded together by stamping pieces, and if the welding quality is not good, it may cause deformation and cracking of the body sheet metal, produce abnormal noises, and seriously affect personal safety.

  The welding workshop is generally connected to the stamping workshop to facilitate material transportation. The welding process generally adopts resistance welding, carbon dioxide protection welding, etc. According to statistics, a complete vehicle has a total of 5000 to 6000 welding points.

  Welding fixtures play a supporting, assembling, and fixing role in the welding workshop. Basically, all welding components require fixtures to ensure correct assembly relationships, geometric dimensions, and shapes, while also improving work efficiency.

  The welding workshop environment is harsh, with high noise, poor air quality, certain risks (welding current can reach thousands of amperes), and high labor intensity. Workers in the welding workshop are required to wear masks, gloves (thread gloves+anti cutting gloves+half leather gloves), protective shoes, aprons, safety helmets, and other protective equipment. With the development of technology, the welding and assembly workshops of better vehicle factories can achieve 90% mechanization and automation.