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What are the opportunities for automotive parts

  What are the opportunities for automotive parts

  1. Half of the global new energy vehicle market is located in China, which has the world's largest new energy vehicle industry chain and the largest production volume of new energy vehicles.

  2. Traditional fuel vehicles have been firmly controlled by the European and American markets, both in terms of technology and brand awareness. It is almost impossible for Chinese enterprises to win. Foreign investment has a complete industrial chain and parts certification system, and domestic automobile parts companies can only do some low-tech "leftover materials". This has also led to the market value of major domestic automotive parts industry companies generally being within 10 billion, with most of them around 6 billion.

  The reasons for this phenomenon are: firstly, China's automobile industry started late and had poor technology; secondly, the supporting parts in Europe and America are already mature systems, and traditional fuel vehicles have not undergone significant changes, so there is no need for new suppliers. The stable competitive landscape has made it difficult for China's automotive parts companies to develop and grow.

  3. The continuous decline in sales of fuel gas in the past three years has led to a decrease in the increment of the stock market. Auto parts factories are also "rolling in". So in the past many years, automotive parts companies only had local opportunities and no sector market.

  4. The world of 'fuel powered vehicles' is in the European and American markets, but the industry chain of' new energy 'vehicles is in the world of Chinese automotive parts. And we respond faster and more actively than developed countries. So, in the new energy vehicle race, we are leading the world. So excellent new energy vehicle parts companies have greater development space.